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    Every technique has it's time and place. I'd usually do dynamic leg swings in the morning, loaded and pnf stretching when I am fresh, and relaxed stretching when I feel tight from the strength exercises.

    Anyways, I am a bit confused about how to structure my flexibility only sessions. To be more precise, I am doing relaxed, loaded, and pnf stretching all in one session, and it usually looks like this: (only for the hamstrings as an example)

    Relaxed stretching for the calves (90s at different angles), 5s-5s PNF for lower back, relaxed stretch for the opposite leg's quad, relaxed stretch for the hamstring. Then I'd proceed with loaded stretches, one of them being single leg heavily assisted good morning (because I am having a hard time controlling the stretch during 2 legged good morning). After that I'd do 2-3 sets of PNF for the hamsting with 1-2 minutes of rest in between (doing PNF for quads and hip flexors in the meantime). I'd finish the last set with CRAC PNF contracting the antagonist for reps lightly, and intensly for 5-10s at the last rep. Then I'd hold relaxed stretches for the hamstring and the rest of the major lower body muscle groups.

    This was just an example focusing on hamstrings. I do the same with quads and hip flexors aswell. Focusing on building end range strength in the adductors and short range strength in the glutes for the side split. Leaving that aside,

    **the question**

    I feel like this is the right way to do it, but it is just too much, given that the soreness lasts for up to 2 days after the session, which drastically decreases frequency at which I can do these sessions. Sooo, any advice will be muchos appreciated. Gracias! :)

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