I can't squat, but at the same time, I can

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    Yea, I know. Let me clarify.

    I am not able to sit in a squat just to rest my legs. I always need to lift my heels off the ground and rest on the balls of my feet.

    However, when I go to the gym, I can get into a deep squat with no problem. I figure this is due to the weight on my back counter balancing the pull of gravity that makes me topple over when I sit squat.

    I've tried stretching, the 30/30 challenge, watched every Youtube video, but I still can't **sit** in a squat! I definitely am more flexible, as I can get into a deeper stretch with less of a pulling pain.

    So I'm just wondering if there is anyone out there who is like me, but somehow found a solution. Can it be that my hips/muscles are just structured in a way that I am condemned to a chair when I get tired of standing?
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    Probably you need more ankle dorsiflexion so your center of mass can stay above your feet. So you need to improve that through stretching.

    Meanwhile, some tips:
    * Use a wide stance.
    * Push your knees out.
    * Toes pointing out.
    * Sit down, not back.
    * Use a counterweight.

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