Is stretching drunk a thing?

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    Long time lurker here...
    I have been stretching for about two years now and my flexibility has improved quite a bit. It also definitely changed the way I feel/connect to/percieve my body.

    Of course I am nowhere near those crazy splits I see people doing out here (hopefully one day!), but as a 32yo male I do now feel a lot better when moving around. And this is not restricted to sports...

    In my flexibility training I am gradually learning to conciously relax my muscles and sort of „sink“ into positions upon exhalation. The sensation is pleasant and rather new to me. Especially since I have always been a pretty tensed up person. Since I started stretching I also started listening to my body and realized that I am very often really tensed up, even when I am doing stuff in my daily life like waiting for the bus etc.

    This focused relaxation feeling is something I also connect to alcohol (to a certain degree).

    Now I am aware of the dangers and risks of trying things like these when under influence and intend in no way to make a habit out of „drunken stretching“, but before trying something (most likely) very stupid, I was wondering if anyone here has tried something similar before or has any sort of advice. I mean I have also read about tantric stretching, so there seem to be people out there experimenting with the physiological side effects of certain „states“ on flexibility.

    Please excuse my wording and phrasing, since I am not a native speaker. And thank you for answers!

    Btw. I really love this sub and learned pretty much everything I know about stretching from you guys, so thank you!
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    ^ ?? uh alright then.
    stretching drunk does sound like a good idea though lol

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