Lower Limb Flexibility and Chronic Compartment Syndrome

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    I had Chronic Compartment Syndrome for multiple years before getting a fasciotomy of my lateral and anterior compartment in order to relief the pressure within the muscle (I was over the normal by 2.5x - 3x).

    Since this compartment syndrome was in part caused by abnormal Calf muscle (Too big), my flexibility pre-operation was extremely bad to start with and now post-op , it is a little bit better but i still have a long way to go.

    I was wondering if someone had had a similar experience and managed to improve notably lower limb flexibility to decent level and to know what i can expect. Or if someone had idea of things i could add to my routine to alleviate the pain and improve lower leg flexibility

    So far, for lower limb i do daily 20-30 min calves, foot and tibial massage (Otherwise i have pain in my leg just by walking around due to the tightness), Downward dog calves stretch , Standing Pike stretch , Bear Walks , Seiza sitting and Kneeling Achiles Stretch. All Stretch are held for 60 sec. I also due Starting Flexibility 3 times a week.


    - Had a surgery for severe chronic Compartment Syndrome
    - Very limited lower limb flexibility (Hamstring , Achiles and Calves)
    - Looking for someone with similar experience or idea to add to my stretching routine to alleviate the pain and discomfort walking creates.
    - Thank you

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