Nausea while stretching

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    Hello r/flexibility,

    I have been working for several weeks now on fixing various aspects of my posture--mild APT, internal rotation of the right hip, forward leaning head, and mild kyphosis.

    My method has been to stand nearly naked in front of a mirror, and to stretch my body into what looks like proper alignment. There's a lot of pushing and pulling and wobbling into place. Sometimes it's slightly painful.

    It's going great, in that I'm noticing improvements every few days. However, there's been one thing that really bothers me: I get moderately nauseous when I activate muscles near near my spine. I've read that this may be a result of stretching or compressing the nerves near the spine.

    Does anyone else deal with nausea while stretching or working on posture? What do you do to treat or prevent it?

    Thanks :)
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    That's sounds weird. Is the kind of thing that would make me think that maybe I'm doing something wrong. The best option is to check the advice of a good pt, someone with good understanding of biomechanics.

    I have little kyphosis too and what I do with my pt is working on bending the thoracic spine the other way. You will probably have more than 2 vertebrae that are stuck so I nice exercise is lying on a foam roller perpendicular to your body go from vertebrae to vertebrae of your thoracic spine (avoid lumbar and cervical). Don't roll up and down, just let your body weight push the vertebrae so it arches the opposite way some seconds (30 it's perfect), and then move up to the next vertebrae.

    Doing a bridge stretching routine can help you a lot too.

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