Right leg hurts after butterfly

Discussion in 'UK Cheerleading Training' started by possiblecomplexity, Oct 11, 2018.

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    Mar 30, 2018
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    Last Friday I was doing butterfly stretch when I felt my leg pop (is that the right word to use it?) Since then the top part of my leg has been hurting and it hurts to stretch.
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    Sep 11, 2018
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    You're forcing the Hip Joint. I've had similar experiences. I'd stop stretching like that immediately.
    Most advice out there on mobilizing the hips, refer to the hip joints. While the problem most of the times is at the Lumbar Spine. **Flexible hips imply a flexible Lumbar Spine, not Hip Joints**.
    When we are unaware of this, we force the Hip Joints, and possibly, shit happens.
    So in your situation I'd do Loaded Butterflies, or if that's too hard, Lifted Loaded Butterflies, **BUT** just let the weight be on the L-Spine and **don't actively try to open the legs** (I assume that's what you were doing) and check if it hurts. If it doesn't, keep doing it.

    If it does, do Lifted Loaded Pancakes (bent legs) instead or even Inclined Loaded Straddle Goodmorning.

    When you progress to the point it doesn't hurt you anymore, you can get back to the Butterflies if you want to.

    And if you want my 2 cents, I'd do Loaded Butterflies (light weight on each knee) instead of the traditional Butterflies.

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